Has the Galaxy Note’s Ice Cream Sandwich update been delayed?

Owners of the Galaxy Note, Samsung’s tablet/smartphone hybrid, who’re waiting for an Ice Cream Sandwich update for their device should prepare themselves for disappointment, as there’s a chance it has been delayed.

News that the Galaxy Note would be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich broke in December last year, and at the time it was given a first quarter 2012 release window. When the Galaxy S II’s Android 4.0 update began rolling out earlier this week, Samsung took the opportunity to say the Note’s ICS update would “follow soon.”

However, on the very same day, a conversation took place on Samsung’s official Facebook page in Norway which cast doubt on whether the update would appear before the end of the month.

Responding to a question about when the Note would get its update, Samsung’s Norwegian spokesperson answered that it would be during the second quarter of the year, placing it between the beginning of April and the end of June.

While there’s a chance this is only relevant to Note owners in Norway, a post on the same portal made in late January said the update would be coming towards the end of the first quarter, so it does go against previously reported dates for that country too.

On the other hand, Samsung’s international portals have a history of speaking out of line, forcing the Korean company to take to its Twitter account to set everybody straight. At the time of writing, a post telling us all software update news will come from @samsungtomorrow has yet to appear, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.

Samsung has two weeks to deliver Ice Cream Sandwich to the Note to meet its self-imposed deadline. Will they succeed, or is this going to be the beginning of another lengthy ICS update saga for the manufacturer?