7 ways to increase the battery life on your Android Wear smartwatch

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Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The battery in your Android Wear smartwatch has the capacity to last one day on a full charge, at a minimum, but when it comes to battery life, you can never have enough. Smartwatches are often more of a pain to charge than our smartphones, thanks to bulky proprietary chargers so unless you’re traveling, it usually stays at home. This means you often have no way of adding juice to your watch during the day if it’s running low.

But who wants to take off their watch to charge it midday anyway? A watch is supposed to be on your wrist, not sitting on your desk. Here are seven tips to maximize the battery life on your Android Wear smartwatch, to help avoid just this situation. If you’re really keen, you might be able to get two days without needing to recharge.

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