HTC-Android handsets’ timing is all wrong

verizon-smart-phone-reviews-300x237Turns out iPhones aren’t the only smartphones susceptible to time malfunctions. Phandroid reports that there have been some complaints about HTC Android handsets’ clocks. Users are reporting timing is off anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

Luckily, it’s the Friday before Memorial Day and we’re hoping any of the affected users out there don’t have too many time-sensitive appointments going on. But if you’re one of them and the issue is getting to you, go ahead and manually set it then reboot. You can also wait it out, as some users have said their phones have been fixing themselves.

Of course this is nothing like the iPhone-daylight savings time fiascoes we’ve witnessed, but seeing as the phone has become a de facto watch for many, it’s still fairly annoying.