HTC One V hands-on pictures: The chin is back, baby

HTC unveiled the One series just a few days ago, headlined by the One X and One S, but the lineup has a small step-child as well: the HTC One V. There isn’t yet a working version of the One V, but representatives have been carrying them around in their pockets. And we caught up with one of the endowed reps and snapped a few pictures of the upcoming phone.

Oddly, though it’s part of the One lineup, the V has more in common with HTC phones from several years ago, sporting the lip or chin that HTC devices used to be known for. It’s an old feature, but is implemented well, making the device easier to hold comfortably with one hand.

We are assuming that this small 3.7-inch device will still have Android 4.0 and most of the One series’ new enhancements, like a slick camera (5MP) and Beats Audio, but it’s impossible to say for sure, since we weren’t able to turn it on. The announced specs include a 1GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage (likely only 2GB usable), and a 480×800 pixel display. With anemic specs like these, we hope that this will be quite cheap, if not free, with a two-year contract here in North America. The One line of phones will start hitting shelves in April, but no specific release information is yet available.