HTC Primo could bring Beats Audio and Android 4.0 to the masses

htc-rezound-review-back-beats-audio-logoWe can expect plenty of smartphone-related leaks over the coming weeks, as information on the devices set to debut at Mobile World Congress starts to circulate. We’ve already seen the LG X3 this week, and here we have another Android phone that could show up at the end of February – the HTC Primo.

Despite being currently blessed with a name that suggests a top-end spec, the Primo’s leaked feature list reveals it to be a far more mid-range offering, however that’s not to say it isn’t interesting.

For a start, the Primo is said to come with HTC’s Beats Audio technology, ready to boost the bass response and improve the phone’s overall audio performance. Previously, HTC’s Beats Audio phones – such as the Rezound pictured above – have been available with a set of Beats earphones, but there’s no word whether the Primo will continue this trend.

While the addition of Beats is a good bonus, it’s the news that the phone will have Android Ice Cream Sandwich installed from the start that’s most exciting. After CES 2012, it was beginning to look like Android Gingerbread was still the order of the day, but perhaps everyone was simply saving up their Ice Cream Sandwich handsets for MWC?

The Primo’s feature list continues with a 3.7-inch touchscreen toughened up with some Gorilla Glass, a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and a 5-megapixel camera. In their report on the leak, says the camera will have an f-stop of 2.0, so low-light performance should be good, plus a dual shutter function for snapping a still while shooting HD video.

That spec sounds good to us, and the addition of Android 4.0 and Beats Audio has the potential to make the Primo one of HTC’s most popular releases of the year.

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