HTC Sense 4.0 will bring Beats Audio to third-party apps

htc sense 3.5 browserFollowing the leak of the HTC Primo earlier this week, our very own Jeffrey Van Camp commented on the presence of Beats Audio on the phone, saying he was disappointed with the feature on the HTC Rezound, as it was only compatible with the standard HTC music player.

He’s surely not alone in his frustration, as the Android Market is filled with third-party music apps, all begging to have some bassy Beats technology applied to them.

It appears this is all about to change though, as PocketNow has had a sneak peak at HTC Sense 4.0, and noted that Beats will become universal in the new version of the company’s Android UI.

Other new features include improved support for landscape orientation, including on the homescreen, an updated email client, an iOS 5-like “reader” feature in the browser and a “guest mode” that restricts access to certain apps and private data. Sense 4.0 will also see a revised task switching interface, which uses 3D cards instead of icons to move between open apps.

The last update to Sense, taking it to version 3.5, came with the release of devices including the HTC Rhyme and aforementioned Rezound, and provided some visual polish along with a refreshed browser and some performance tweaks. We must go back to April 2011 for the announcement of 3.0, the last major Sense revision.

With nearly a full year since the last major update, and several new and potentially stunning phones on the horizon, Sense 4.0’s release can’t be far away. Although no date is mentioned, PocketNow says 4.0 will first appear on the HTC Ville and the HTC Edge, devices which could make their debut at the end of next month.