HTC turns to humor to tease new HTC One

htc turns humor tease new one

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One of the most rumored phones as of late is HTC’s successor to its One flagship, codenamed the M8. So much information about the device has been leaked that all we’re waiting on is for HTC to officially unveil it, and the company is doing just that on March 25.

With a full month wait, HTC can tease the device all it wants. It did just that through a YouTube video, though we learned more about the company’s sense of humor than we did about the actual device.

In the video, the man in the lab coat tells us how great BoomSound is before showing the new HTC One, albeit a heavy pixelated, blurred out device. What he says about the new HTC One is also blurred out, unfortunately. All we got was that BoomSound will be improved on the upcoming flagship device, though no mention as to how.

Regardless, the new HTC One is sure to face some stiff competition. Samsung announced the Galaxy S5, while Sony announced the Xperia Z2, two flagship smartphones that can surely have a go at HTC’s unannounced device. With the ball now in HTC’s court, it has a full month to continually tease us before the announcement of its flagship.