Jetsetter: Huebrix debuts in time for India Independence Day and LG brings cloud gaming to Korea

A whole new Jetsetter! A new fantastic point of view on the world of international gaming! No one to tell us no or where to go or say we’re only dreaming. Except for me of course, but as the columnist, it’s my job to tell you where to go for the duration of the article. Don’t worry, it’s for the best, you’ll get a taste of what’s going on in the video game world at large outside the United States, the biggest video game market this is.

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* Mumbai’s Yellow Monkey Studios sets Huebrix for Independence Day release.

On August 15th, India will celebrate its 65th anniversary of independence from British rule. That’s awesome. Mumbai-based indie studio Yellow Monkey Studios will also release its third game, Huebrix, that day. Doubly awesome. Huebrix is a puzzle game with a novel twist; players have to fill a grid on the screen with various colors, but no colors can overlap. The studio’s last game, It’s Just a Thought, won the Best Original Idea award at the 2011 hoPlay International Video Game Festival in Spain. Huebrix will run you just $2.99 on Android, iOS, and Mac.


* LG opens cloud gaming service C-games in Korea.

The Korea Times reported on Wednesday that LG is opening its very own cloud-based streaming video game service in Korea through its carrier LG Uplus. Players will buy games directly through the C-games website and then have access to them on any device with an Internet connection. “We will make every effort to create a developer-oriented ecosystem so our game platform becomes the new paradigm and business model in the market,” said LG Uplus senior vice president Chun Byung-wook, “Through cloud game, we want to create a new value for users and let them enjoy high memory games.”


* Sony Japan promises new Game Heaven event for PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita is not doing so great in Japan. Over the past six months, Sony’s sold just 790,633 Vitas. That is rough. How can Sony expect to sell systems when there are no games out there though? Sony has yet to deliver the sort of content that has kept the PlayStation Portable selling in Japan for eight years running. Sony Japan’s Hiroshi Kawano told Famitsu (via Andriasang) that his company is planning an event in the near future to debut the games that Vita so desperately needs. The second Game Heavent event will spotlight major titles according to Kawano. The last Game Heaven event in March had some pretty good announcements including reveal that Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 would hit the system.

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