Kindle Fire owners can now access HBO GO

Kindle Fire HBO GO

Launched on Amazon earlier today, the retailer announced availability of the streaming video HBO GO application for Kindle Fire users. This is the first Android tablet that can access the HBO GO premium video service and Kindle Fire owners can watch HBO’s library of 1,400 titles. Content available on the service includes recent seasons of HBO programming like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire as well as completed series like The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood and Sex in the City. Last month, the HBO Go app was updated to work on all Android smartphones and can be found on the Google Play application store.  

HBO Go AppWhile the application is free, Kindle Fire owners will have to verify a current HBO subscription through their cable or satellite television service. There’s no option that will allow Kindle Fire users to subscribe to the service under a separate fee, a missing feature that’s definitely popular among Internet-connected HBO fans. Regarding fan outreach for a standalone subscription package, HBO officially responded on Twitter earlier today and drew attention to a Techcrunch article that indicated HBO wouldn’t be able to survive at a subscription rate of $12 a month due to lack of subscriber volume. 

While Amazon already sold a large quantity of HBO programming at premium rates prior to the release of the application, adding HBO GO to the stable of video applications on the Kindle Fire may increase more sales of the Android tablet. Similar to other implementations of the HBO GO application, Kindle Fire users can bookmark television programs within the app. As a bookmarked program progresses though its season on the HBO channel, the HBO GO app will automatically bookmark new episodes for the user to watch at a later time. Beyond standard programming, Kindle Fire users can also peruse through episode re-caps, behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with cast and crew members.