Kyocera’s dual-screened Echo is nearly indestructible, says Kyocera

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As far as we can tell, Kyocera’s dual-screened Echo Android phone isn’t busting up the sales charts on Sprint. Knowing this, Kyocera has decided to shift its marketing strategy away from the crazy shifting dual screens and onto a more traditional sales tactic: its durability. In a decently made video, a child scientist shows off how durable the phone is by banging it against things and dropping it from the height of, well, a child.

While the phone does look somewhat cheap and breakable at first glance, we have not encountered any durability issues with the hinge in the time we’ve spent with the device, though it is somewhat jerky. We’re happy that Kyocera has tested the hinge 100,000 times and dropped the phone from every angle. Now, when you throw the phone in frustration after the multiscreen modes fail to work right, you know it won’t break. We’ve embedded the video below.