Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet event pictures

Yesterday afternoon, Lenovo held a launch event for the ThinkPad Tablet in Union Square, Manhattan. The ThinkPad Tablet is its newest 10.1-inch Android tablet. The party had the usual tiny food, DJ, and drinks as well as a number of ThinkPads and vendors. As you can probably tell Lenovo is aiming for the business market with this device, which comes with a its own special stylus built in. And Lenovo is marketing a keyboard/case for an extra $100.

A suite of productivity software and its own app store, which already has 200 or so applications, which are all tested by Lenovo for viruses and bugs. Of the apps on display, we liked the remote desktop viewing app by Citrix, which allows you to use your Windows PC from your Android ThinkPad with minimal lag. Two apps from MyScript were also available, which showed some impressive handwriting recognition and conversion. According to reps, you can take a novel’s worth of handwritten notes and convert them to text instantly. Not bad.