Massive Samsung Galaxy Note to hit AT&T on Feb. 19

Samsung Galaxy Note with a stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Note was one of the most talked about phones at the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago, and it looks like AT&T isn’t wasting its time bringing the device to market. The Note will hit shelves on Feb. 19 for $300 with a two-year contract. 

The new phone is one of the largest Android phones (maybe the largest) to be released with a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen (1280×800 pixels). Not shying away from size, Samsung itself has released ads asking whether the device is a tablet or a phone? Big is the angle here. With a pull-out stylus and an iPad-like screen cover, many potential buyers might actually get confused. But with screen sizes steadily increasing in the United States, Samsung is making a rather calculated bet. 

Back at CES, I wrote up my impressions of the Galaxy Note, which was a bit too large for my hands–at least, upon first holding. Many readers, some of them users of the UK version of the Note, commented that I was being shortsighted and that the Note is totally usable and not too large. It looks like AT&T customers will soon decide. 

There are currently no announced plans to bring the Note to other carriers, so you’ll have to switch to AT&T or import the unlocked version if you hope to use this mammoth device. Those who preorder the phone by Feb. 5 will get it delivered to their door by Feb. 17, says Samsung.