MediaFire gives 50GB to Android users with new app

mediafire gives 50gb to android users with new app

For a cloud storage solution to stand out today, it needs to have something unique to it – something that no other cloud option can offer. MediaFire’s Android app has found a pretty strong hook for itself by offering users 50GB of free space in its virtual hard drive in the sky.

The storage service MediaFire has been offering online file sharing solutions for some time, now. When it released its app for iOS, it made 50GB of space available to users in the same way it’s doing with Android. Like it’s iOS counterpart and the many cloud apps that came before it, MediaFire’s Android app allows users to upload and download files at whim. The app also allows users to search and view files that are stored in the cloud. MediaFire’s app isn’t quite as feature rich as, say, Dropbox, but it has the distinct benefit of offering up a whole lot more space for zero cost to the user. It will likely make for a great option for people running out of local storage space.

It may be worth noting that MediaFire comes with a few limitations. An upload with a free account cannot be larger than 200MB (increased to 1GB with a $1.50 a month fee for the Personal plan). The service will also nudge you to move or interact with your files if they haven’t been touched in over 300 days. These might be deal breakers for some and mild inconveniences for others. Proceed to download as you see fit. The MediaFire app for Android is available for free in the Google Play Store