Minecraft’s limited edition Xperia Play listed on eBay for charity

special edition minecraft xperia playHave you been waiting for a Minecraft themed phone? Well today is your lucky day, you can buy a limited edition Minecraft themed Xperia Play on eBay. The phone is clad in one of the games famous pixelated blocks of dirt. Currently the device is going for $1,400 with six days and change remaining on the auction.

Mojang, the maker of Minecraft, listed the phone on eBay, and is donating the proceeds to charity. In the auction’s description it explains that every time they give out free stuff they find it on eBay, so they wanted to beat people to the punch. Mojang is planning on giving away a few of the limited edition phones to a handful of lucky winners at Gamescom, which is a video game conference in Germany.

As you may know, Minecraft is coming to Android devices, and it just so happens that the Xperia Play is the first phone that can play the Minecraft. Eventually the game will come to other handsets, but it will be exclusive on the Play for a short time.

Mojang does not explain why Mojang styled the phone in the way that it did, but we don’t think it is necessarily a good design choice. Maybe it could have put on the new monster that recently started terrorizing the world of Minecraft? That would have at least had a darker and less brown look to the phone, but we are not professional phone designers.

What do you think about the look of this limited edition phone?