Motorola launches emergency ‘Alert’ app with its new Moto handsets

motorola releases emergency alert app for its new moto handsets

 Although it’s fair to say the vast majority of us will never find ourselves in a truly dire emergency situation, life does have a habit of throwing up the occasional unwanted surprise, in which case owners of Motorola’s new Moto handsets might well find themselves making use of the company’s new Alert app.

Pre-loaded with the just-announced Moto E and Moto G LTE devices, Motorola Alert will have you covered should you ever find yourself trapped under a [enter heavy object of your choice here] in an inconveniently remote location, or in some other similarly sticky situation.

As long as you have at least one finger free (or toe, or even your nose; whatever it takes, really), you can use it to activate the app’s emergency features with a single tap/prod/poke, alerting friends and family to your need for help. Alternatively, you can simply leave it in alert mode all the time just in case some unthinkably horrid happening decides to suddenly come your way.

Once activated, periodic notifications showing your location are sent to designated contacts “so they can act fast to get you help you need,” Motorola says on the app’s Google Play page.

The app also lets you set up locations ‒ such as home, work, or school ‒ allowing those in your notifications list to know when you arrive at or leave a particular place, ideal for kids making their own way to and from school or those working in remote or dangerous locations. 

There’s also a one-tap meet mode designed to help users quickly and easily find one another in the wake of chaotic events such as earthquakes. 

Although it’s currently available only for Motorola’s two new phones, it’ll likely launch soon for the Moto X and Moto G 3G handsets, too. 

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