Motorola’s solution for unlocking the Droid Razr is to release a whole new phone

motorola-droid-razr-sideOne certainly can’t claim Motorola isn’t at least trying to help customers who want a Droid Razr with an unlocked bootloader. Late last year the company announced that the Razr would come unlocked, but it would be down to networks to decide whether to make the feature available.

Unsurprisingly, Verizon didn’t like the idea and didn’t let its phones ship with the feature activated, and although some other networks around the world let it slide, it wasn’t all that common.

So how could Motorola thwart the nefarious plans of the naughty networks, and allow its customers to hack away at the pre-installed software? The solution has arrived in the shape of the Motorola Razr Developer Edition, a phone sold through Motorola themselves and completely unlocked.

Those with keen eyes will notice the absence of Droid from the Razr’s name above, signifying it’s a European launch at the moment. A post on Motorola’s developer blog announcing the phone adds that in the “coming months”, a US version of the phone will be made available through the MOTODEV network.

Aside from the unlocked bootloader, the Developer Edition is exactly the same as the standard Droid Razr, except it’ll be sold without a warranty — so don’t expect any comeback if you accidentally brick the 500 Euro/$650 device.

The Developer Edition is a step in the right direction for Motorola, although it’s still not as consumer-friendly as HTC, who has a special tool to unlock some of its phones. It’s also no good for existing Droid Razr owners, who’re unlikely to want to sell up and buy a new phone that comes without a warranty.

Here’s hoping it’s the first step in a series of announcements from Motorola, and that the next will benefit existing rather than potential owners.