Netflix and chat with the help team in the updated Netflix Android app

Thanks to a new app feature, Android users can now Netflix and chat. If you use the Android Netflix app, you’ll soon see a new feature that lets you call the company’s support team without leaving the app.

The Netflix 4.1 Android app has this line in its latest changelog: “Call Netflix Help directly from the app (Microphone permission required),” according to Android Police. (The second item in the changelog is the enduring “bug fixes.”)

The new tap-to-call feature, which was mentioned in a previous changelog, uses your Wi-Fi or cellular connection to make calls. Below the large green “Call Us” button are four links leading users to the Netflix Help Center site, a page where they can update their password, a page to get help with a connection issue, and a page where they can cancel their account.

Calls in the app may be spotty, as Android Police reports audio switching from regular call mode to speakerphone mode. “After manually setting the app to speakerphone, it was consistent long enough to talk for 10 seconds with whomever picked up before the call ended. The line sounds like it was dropped, but hopefully this was a fluke.”

Users are already joking about using the feature to ask for recommendations.

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