Latest Galaxy S3 commercial promotes a new way to share your sex tape

new galaxy s3 commercial sex tape share work trip

A couple of new Samsung Galaxy S3 commercials were released last week, adding to the series of ads that highlighted the smartphone’s S-Beam feature. From the two that I’ve seen so far, both promote a sort of sexy couple’s vibe, which is interesting, funny, and a little awkward. The first commercial shows one couple in the guy’s living room on their presumably first (few) date(s). As he searches for music to set the mood right, he ends up blasting Spice Girls on full volume. Good thing for the girl though, as she simply smiles and disregards the questionable nature of it all by giving him her sexy playlist. She came prepared to get down!

In the second commercial, however, things get a little more blatant. It features a family sending off Poppa Bear as he heads on a work trip before the two daughters claim they’ve made him a video to watch on the flight. Then mom then gets in on the action, noting that she, too, made a video… “but [he] probably shouldn’t watch it on the plane.” Naughty! That’s what technology is all about, and it’s an interesting way for Samsung to show the infinite possibilities from the S3.

If it’s anything Samsung Galaxy S3 commercials have been able to do, it’s promoting the heck out of its S-Beam feature that the iPhone 5 doesn’t have. It also focuses on viral, funny commercials that’ll keep people talking about the product regardless of whether consumers are looking to buy a new phone. I’m not one to judge on whether married couples should share sexy videos with each other on their smartphones (let’s hope the husband doesn’t lose that S3 on the business trip) but these slew of new S3 commercials sure are better than seeing the iPhone 5 line get made fun of long after the line died down. Perhaps inconspicuous sex sells just as well?

Watch the commercial below and tell us what you think. Do you prefer Samsung’s silly ads or Apple’s sleek and star-studded commercials?