Google does the right thing and delays the Nexus Q, pre-orders will be sent out for free

google nexus q review  alternateThe Nexus Q has got off to a rocky start, as Google has decided to delay its official launch while it adds new features, however those who pre-ordered the device are in for a pleasant surprise, as Google will be sending them one for free.

Launched alongside the incredibly popular Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Q failed to capture the public’s imagination, and has attracted less than complimentary reviews.

Its “made in the USA” status was praised, but the $299 price tag and non-existent international release has seen it largely forgotten since its Google I/O launch, particularly compared to the column inches dedicated to the Nexus 7.

Google, obviously mindful of the criticism, has now indefinitely delayed the Nexus Q’s launch, saying it wants “work on making it even better.”

An email sent to those who pre-ordered the music streaming orb, which was set to go on sale this month, informed them of the decision, but placated customers by offering to send them the Nexus Q as it is now for free.

New Nexus Q features

While most will agree the design doesn’t need to be altered — it looks absolutely brilliant — the lack of onboard features is a problem, as is the lack of device support.

We’re sure many of the thousands of Google I/O attendees who walked away with a free Nexus Q have given Google a few ideas of what’s missing from the device, such as third-party video streaming support, access to Google Play, and integration with Google TV. An app that allows other devices to control it would be good too.

Google hasn’t said what it plans to change before relaunching the Nexus Q, nor has it put a date on when that will be. The Nexus Q’s website now only gives the option to sign-up for email updates, and doesn’t list any details about the device at all.

Delaying the Nexus Q is a brave move, as it’s almost an admission that it wasn’t really a finished product, but it also has the potential to be the right move. It’s going to be a tough job though, as the Nexus Q needs to come back stronger, cheaper and ideally available internationally, all before the end of the year, if it doesn’t want to end up forgotten.