No Apple sneak peek for Samsung, rules judge


The drama between Apple and Samsung has continued, with Apple winning the latest round. Reuters reports that a U.S. judge has rejected Samsung’s request to see Apple’s unreleased iPhone and iPad, which the Korean company claimed would be “highly relevant” to its defense.

“Common sense suggests that allegations of copying are necessarily directed at Apple’s existing products, to which Samsung has access and could potentially mimic and not at Apple’s unreleased, inaccessible, next generation products,” wrote U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh.

Confused? Perhaps you missed a few rounds. In April, Apple sued Samsung claiming that it had been blatantly attempting to copy the iPhone and iPad, citing specific things like the shape and styling of its devices to the square icons with rounded edges and tray of four icons lining the bottom of its Android phones. Apple believes that Samsung is deliberately trying to confuse consumers and trick potential iPhone users into buying their product instead. Naturally, Samsung disagreed and launched a countersuit against Apple, citing 10 wireless patent infringements. Then Apple took it up a notch, requesting that a judge give it access to the then unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9,  and Samsung Galaxy S II. After a  judge granted this request, Samsung shot back with a demand that Apple hand over its upcoming products too.

We imagine the frivolous bickering will continue.