Occupy Wall Street now has its own Android app: ‘I’m Getting Arrested’


Desperate times call for desperate measures — and also some nifty new apps! Android developer Jason Van Anden, a self-described “artist/technoloist,” has created a new app inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, after a friend was nearly arrested during one of the protests.

Aptly titled “I’m Getting Arrested,” Van Anden’s free app allows users to “Alert your lawyer, loved ones, etc… that you are being arrested” with a single click, according to the app’s description on the Android Market.

“It’s a technology that fits well with democracy,” Van Anden told The Brooklyn Paper.

I’m Getting Arrested has a very simply functionality. A user must first write a text message in the space provided, and list the phone numbers of the people he or she wishes to contact in case of incarceration. That message is then saved, and a giant bull’s eye appears on the screen. A user must the simply tap the bull’s eye, and the message goes out to the various contacts listed via SMS.

Of course, there are a few downsides to the app. First, you have to know that there’s a chance you might get arrested. Second, you have to have the wherewithal to pull out your phone and send the message if things start to get dicey. Still, it’s much better than nothing, and seems to us solid, at least in concept.

Van Anden says that he is not, himself, an Occupy Wall Street protester, but said he “was glad that I was able to contribute something with my skill-set.” He says that he hopes to release a version for Apple’s iOS devices soon.

Android users can download I’m Getting Arrested here.