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A top tech designer may build Wonder's ambitious gaming smartphone

There's little room for newcomers in the world of smartphones, but that doesn't stop companies trying. The latest is Wonder, a startup that wants to build a futuristic device with VR capabilities that will appeal to mobile gamers.
Product Review

Beat this: Heart rate monitoring can’t save the Huawei Fit

Part activity tracker and part smartwatch, the Huawei Fit’s standout feature is its heart rate monitor, which maintains a careful eye on your heart health on a daily basis. Does this make it worth wearing?

Samsung Browser beta brings ad blocking to Pixel and Nexus devices

Google Pixel and Nexus owners can now download the beta version of Samsung's browser, and get in on one of the app's significant advantages over Chrome — its support for ad blockers.

Machine learning improvements for Google Translate expand to more languages

Google Translate is about to get smarter, thanks to Google's implementation of machine learning, which will be used in nine different languages. Eventually, Google will use the system for all 103 languages Google Translate supports.

You only pay once: FreedomPop’s first Wi-Fi-calling phone has zero monthly costs

FreedomPop has announced its first smartphone, and although there's a single one-off charge, the device comes with free calls, texts, data, and WhatsApp use every month. Here's what you need to know.

VoxEra is a tiny device that makes international calling and texting essentially free

VoxEra, a diminutive device that plugs into your home router, can save you big on international calling and texting charges. It's launching on Kickstarter ahead of a wider rollout this year.

Google Play celebrates anniversary with lists of its most popular apps

In celebration of Google Play's fifth birthday, the company published lists of its top five most-popular games, apps, music, movies, and books since the platform's launch in 2012.

Turkish regulators will look into whether Google violated antitrust rules

Google's in hot water with Turkish regulators over potentially monopolistic practices -- specifically regarding its Android operating system. The country's Turkish Competition Authority said it would look into whether the software violated…

Did you click ‘Always’ and wish you could take it back? Here’s how to reset default apps in Android

If you have an Android smartphone, you can choose which apps open files and links by default. If you're rethinking your initial decision and want to reset these apps, however, then follow this step-by-step guide.

Track the progress of your burgeoning baby with these pregnancy apps

If you are pregnant and looking to find videos, reading material, or connections with other families who are also expecting, we've rounded up a slew of apps that will allow you to do so.

Google Photos just got even better with new auto white balance feature

Google has updated its much-loved Photos app with a new auto white balance feature -- an overdue improvement that will help make the colors in your photos look a whole lot more natural.

Here are the flat-out craziest virtual reality demos we saw at Mobile World Congress

You might not necessarily think of virtual reality as phone tech, but it nonetheless was out in full force at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We sought out the best the show had to offer.