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ZTE launches Oreo Beta Program to finally bring Android O to the Axon 7

ZTE has launched a beta program to bring Android Oreo to the ZTE Axon 7, giving it new features like notification dots and picture-in-picture mode. The major update could be the last that the Axon 7 gets.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will surely be big, bold, and pricey, but will it be foldable, or have an under-display fingerprint sensor? Those are just some of the rumors around one of 2018's most-anticipated phones.

Google wants to bring Allo’s ‘smart reply’ to third-party messaging apps

It looks like Google wants to make notifications from third-party apps a little smarter. The company is reportedly working on bringing the "smart reply" feature to apps like Facebook Messenger.

Tune in and chill out with the best radio apps for Android and iOS

Streaming music services let you pick and choose your songs like a buffet, but there's something alluring about a curated banquet. Here are the best radio apps, whether you want great music or talk radio.

Samsung’s marvelous Olympic-edition Note 8 is worthy of a gold medal

Samsung created a special edition of the Galaxy Note 8 for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Games in PyeongChang. What's the catch? You will only be able to get one if you're taking part or working there.

Samsung is fixing its terrible emojis in Samsung Experience 9.0

It's not every day you can replace pistols with water guns or crackers with cookies and not expect a dust-up, but that's what Samsung is doing with its fixes for its terrible emojis.

LG to launch updated V30 with a bunch of new A.I. capabilities at MWC

LG's V-series has been the destination for the company's most unique, interesting, and innovative ideas over the past several years, and the LG V30 continues that tradition. Now, an updated version is expected for early 2018.

Honor 9 Lite vs. Honor 9: Can little brother take down its impressive sibling?

Honor is off to a strong start in 2018 with the Honor 9 Lite -- a quad-camera-packing, budget-level beast with a bezel-less design and more style than you can shake a stick at. But can it take down the more powerful Honor 9?

Facebook Messenger’s new features for couples arrive in time for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine's Day, Facebook Messenger is introducing new features for couples who have make their relationship Facebook official. Couples will be able to use special effects, personalize their conversations, and more.

Google Pixel shipments double, but fewer than 4 million were sold in 2017

The number of Google Pixel phones sent out into the world during 2017 totaled less than 4 million, according to recent data, but this was double the amount it shipped the year before.

Bitmoji just got a little too real. And it's not fun anymore

Last week, Snap Inc. released Bitmoji Deluxe, expanding customization options for Bitmoji avatars. In theory, it sounds great – but my experience with the new feature was filled with far more anxiety than whimsical fun.

Keep calm and stay zen with the best Asus Zenfone 4 cases

It's easy to forget that your phone needs protection too. Don't let the outside world smash your pride and joy! The five best Asus Zenfone 4 cases will keep your moment of zen going all day long.