LG and T-Mobile’s mysterious dual-screen split-qwerty Android phone


What phone is this? Pocket-Lint got its hands on this mysterious LG/T-Mobile handset, which runs Android and has a secondary touchscreen embedded between halves of its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The site’s editors didn’t have much time to toy around with the device, but noted that the secondary touchscreen appears to be used strictly as a shortcut launcher, with two open slots to add apps to the quick menu. We’re guessing that the apps chosen are all best suited for fast typing and widescreen viewing.


Pocket-Lint believes the handset may be named the Flip II or the Maxx Q. It also bears resemblance to LG’s Optimus 7Q/Quantum. It also picks up a few minor details from the LG Optimus 2X. There is a rear camera on the device, but we don’t know how powerful it is. The site hopes that this isn’t a finished unit due to the rickety slide-out mechanism. Overall, it does sport a rounded look like many T-Mobile devices, but is a bit chubby for a modern smartphone.

Still, it’s nice to see physical keyboards managing to stay afloat in the smartphone realm, even if they are broken apart and hidden by increasingly large and numerous touchscreens. If you know anything about this device, please comment below or contact us.