Leaked: Polaroid prepping mirrorless Android camera

polaroid prepping mirrorless android camera for market leaked mirrrorless 1

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Camera and Nikon Coolpix S800c won’t be the only Android-based cameras available. Information was leaked on a Russian social networking site that Polaroid will be joining in with a mirrorless camera based on the Google mobile OS.

A number of websites noticed images and information about the camera posted on the “Polaroid is back!” profile on the Russian social networking site VK. It appears that Polaroid in Russia runs the page. The post has since been taken down, but not fast enough for Phandroid.com to grab and post the images on its site, while a list of specs was posted on Photo Rumors.

The 18.1-megapixel camera, currently listed under the model number IM1836 and manufactured by Sakar, will be powered by Android 4 with built-in Wi-Fi, so users can easily access photo apps and share photos straight from the camera. The camera will have a 3.5-inch touchscreen, pop-up flash, and possibly panorama and blink detection functions. Polaroid is also expected to include HDMI and headphone outputs so users can plug the camera into a video source, and maybe even listen to music or other audio while snapping and sharing photos. Photo Rumors noted that the camera bears a resemblance to Nikon’s 1 J2 mirrorless camera.

As we get closer to CES 2013, we will get full details about this product (unless Polaroid decides to officially announce it beforehand). Could this, along with Samsung and Nikon’s offerings, signal the beginning of a future with many cameras based on Android? Stay tuned.

(Image via Photo Rumors)