Rumor: Kindle Fire already has over 250,000 preorders and counting

Amazon Kindle Fire - hand modeledWe don’t think that the new Amazon Kindle Fire will be an iPad killer, but it might just outsell the Apple tablet. The folks over at Cult Of Android got some leaked preorder numbers from Amazon, and the numbers look amazing. After only five days the Kindle Fire has amassed 254,074 preorders, which almost matches the original iPads first day sales.

The original iPad sold 300,000 units on its first day of availability, and took a month to reach one million unit sales. The iPad 2 sold 2.6 million units in its first month, which is by far the tablet record to beat. If we dig into the numbers a little more we see that it is possible that the Kindle Fire might come close to those numbers. The 257,074 preorder number was after five days which means an average of 50,000 orders a day. If that rate of orders remains steady then the Kindle Fire will reach 2.5 million preorders by its November 15 release date.

It is highly unlikely that people will keep preordering at the same rate for the entire time, but it is very likely that the Kindle Fire could sell a million units on its launch date. We already think that the Fire will dominate, and having such amazing order numbers has to be a good sign.

Just to be mean let’s compare these numbers to other tablets recently released. The Motorola Xoom sold only 100,000 units in its first month and a half, RIM sold an estimated 250,000 units in its first month. The Kindle Fire has a long way to go to pass the iPad, but it seems like a given that it will pass all other Android tablets in sales.

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