Samsung confirms, then denies incoming ICS update for the Galaxy S II

samsung-galaxy-s-IIThe Samsung Galaxy S II has sold to more than 20 million people around the world, and at the moment a fairly high percentage of that figure is waiting for an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Promised back in December last year, it has yet to make an appearance, however this morning some exciting news came from Samsung themselves.

It said the update would finally appear via its Kies software updater tomorrow, 10 March. Exciting stuff and not before time. Except moments after the news appeared, Samsung took to its Twitter account — again — and informed everyone that the news was false, and that the social network was the place to watch for the final date.

This denial appeared on the @Samsungtomorrow Twitter account, which is in Korean, and nothing has been mentioned on either Samsung’s US or UK accounts.

Earlier this week a post on Samsung’s Israeli Facebook page promised an Ice Cream Sandwich update would appear there on 15 March, making the 10 March date seem at least realistic, plus time is running out for Samsung to keep its own deadline of a first-quarter 2012 release.

Getting Ice Cream Sandwich onto the Galaxy S II is rapidly becoming quite a saga, and is in danger of repeating the HTC Desire/Android Gingerbread disaster of last year, where HTC flip-flopped on whether they would deliver it at all, before finally releasing a hobbled ROM to disappointed owners.

Rather than going down that route, Samsung is using its social networking accounts to deny everything, while videos, FAQ pages and worst of all, seemingly official announcements tell us something different. What a shame it isn’t using these social networking tools more positively when it comes to this highly-anticipated update.

For Samsung Galaxy S II owners wanting an official Ice Cream Sandwich software update, sadly, the wait continues.