Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab rack up sales

Samsung Fascinate

Samsung’s “a device for every carrier” strategy with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Android-based smartphones and tablet devices seems to be paying off for the company: Samsung claims that it has shipped more than 3 million Galaxy S smartphones and unconfirmed reports say the company has sold more than one million Galaxy Tabs—although that last figure doesn’t distinguish between devices delivered to retailers and ones actually in customers’ hands.

The phone sales figures figures tally up sales for all seven models in the Galaxy S line in the United States, including the Samsung Captivate, Fascinate, and Vibrant. All run Google’s Android operating system.

The announcement comes about three months after Samsung announced it had shipped one million Galaxy S handsets to U.S. customers, and just a few weeks after the company trumpeted it had moved seven million Galaxy S handsets worldwide. Today’s three million figure applies to just the U.S. market.

“The Galaxy S portfolio has played a significant role in Samsung’s success in 2010,” said Samsung Mobile president Dale Sohn, in a statement. “We are extremely excited to show you what products, services and innovations we have in store for the U.S. market in 2011.”

Reports in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo say that Samsung has announced that sales of its Galaxy Tab Android-based tablet device have surpassed more than one million units worldwide, although Samsung Mobile would not immediately confirm the report. Late last month, reports had Samsung selling 600,000 Galaxy Tab units during its first month of availability. Samsung originally aimed to sell one million units by the end of 2010; Chosun Ilbo reports Samsung has now increased that figure to 1.5 million tablets by the end of the year.