Samsung releases Galaxy S5 intro video, complete with soporific soundtrack

Samsung Galaxy S5 apps

If the whole Galaxy S5 launch passed you by just recently, here’s a chance to kick back for a couple of minutes and enjoy Samsung’s introduction video (embedded below) for its new flagship handset, which made its first appearance at MWC at the end of last month.

The video, which runs for nearly four minutes and comes with a soundtrack that’ll send you to sleep if the content fails to engage you, offers a nice overview of the 5.1-inch Android device,galaxy s5 colors taking you through its design, specifications and various features.

Keen smartphone snappers are sure to be impressed by its new selective focus and HDR functions, while sporty types will be interested in its range of fitness-related features. Did you know it’s also dust and water resistant? And it comes with a neat Ultra Power Saving Mode, too.

If the video piques your interest, how about taking a look at DT’s more in-depth coverage of Samsung’s new smartphone, with pieces here and here telling you everything you need to know.

The Galaxy S5 smartphone is set for release in April, and should find itself priced at around the $200 to $300 mark with a contract.

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