Samsung reveals even more Premium Suite features for the Galaxy S3 in new video

Galaxy S3 Premium Suite pt2Late last week, Samsung released a video showing its Premium Suite software upgrades headed to the Galaxy S3 smartphone, as part of its Android 4.1.2 update. Today it provided more information on the new features and, although we knew there was more to come because the earlier video was labeled Part One, we didn’t expect Part Two to appear so soon.

This time, the video discusses new features related to multimedia – primarily the camera – and improved accessibility. Starting with the camera upgrades, Samsung has added what it calls Best Face, which is a variation on burst mode, but instead of solely choosing the best of a series of pictures, it lets you swap faces from each snap. This works well in group photos, where blinks or silly expressions – unless that was what you wanted – can be eliminated. It looks great in the video.

Next is a new low-light mode, which can take bright, clear images even without a flash. Again, it looks very impressive in the demo video, but this is one feature that will need some real world testing to measure its true effectiveness. Finally, there’s Paper Artist, another port over from the Galaxy Note 2. This gives your photos a pencil art look, which can be enhanced by scrubbing over sections to reveal the picture underneath. On the Note 2, this is most effective using the S-Pen stylus, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works with a finger instead.

Moving on to the improved accessibility, new smartphone owners will get to use Easy Mode, where five frequently used apps and widgets appear on simplified home pages, minimizing the need for newcomers to dig around in Android’s menus to find an app. During setup, the accessibility menu has been added to the procedure, making it easier for those with disabilities to switch on the S3’s features straight away. Finally, the camera will now tell users how many faces it detects in its frame.

As before, Samsung hasn’t given a release date for the Premium Suite, but it does hint that it’s already on its way, so if you own an unlocked Galaxy S3 it’ll be worth checking Software Update periodically from now on to see if it has arrived.