Samsung says it’ll tweet when the Galaxy S III is ready, but the world just can’t wait

Galaxy S III Video Mock-upDespite not being seen or released yet, Samsung has already got what it wanted from the Galaxy S III — an Android device which has attracted as much hype and anticipation as anything made by Apple. This has been achieved through the Galaxy S II’s success — 20 million sold worldwide at the last count — and clever manipulation of the media.

HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson and various others all used Mobile World Congress to launch new Android phones, but Samsung told us all well before the event it wouldn’t be taking the S III along, or even holding a big press conference. In fact, all we saw from a very low-key Samsung was the Beam and a couple of tablets.

Over the weekend a new rumor appeared that the company would launch the Galaxy S III phone sometime in April, based on a conversation with Samsung’s Korean advertising agency. Before our excitement grew too much though, Samsung took to Twitter in order to say this wasn’t true.

Samsung has already squashed one rumor of the S III’s launch — a March event in France was linked with the phone, but revealed to be a marketing meeting — so there’s no reason to suspect it’s playing games with us this time around.

First half of 2012

When Samsung informed us there wouldn’t be an MWC press conference, it said a separate Galaxy S III event would be held during “the first half of the year”, which most would take to indicate it’ll be before the end of June. This means there’s still plenty of time before Samsung is in danger of missing its own deadline.

While telling us there wouldn’t be an April Galaxy S III event, Samsung suggested anyone interested in official news on the phone’s launch event should watch Twitter. Except this came via the @samsungtomorrow account, one of several maintained by the company and published in Korean. None of Samsung’s English language Twitter accounts have mentioned the rumor.

This doesn’t mean April won’t see us blessed with a new Samsung phone though, as a Korean website has indicated an as-yet unknown LTE-enabled Android phone will be launched, it just won’t be the S III.


Samsung’s next flagship phone, according to the most recent rumors, will have a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, a 4.8-inch 1080p touchscreen, a ceramic case and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

However, a benchmark test for a device known as the GT-i9300 revealed a 1.4Ghz processor and a screen with a resolution of 1196 x 720, which falls below a full-HD 1080p resolution. It’s also unclear which chip this phone was running.

Samsung has both a dual-core and a quad-core Exynos processor range, and if the Galaxy S III did retain a dual-core processor, it could appear to lag behind competition from LG and HTC, and fall more into line with Sony Ericsson’s processor plans.

When and where

If April isn’t going to see the Galaxy S III unveiled, then when will Samsung put an end to our misery? Some are mentioning the CTIA show as a possibility, an event which takes place in May. However, as Samsung shunned MWC, why would it bother with a “lesser” show a couple of months later?

The advertising agency responsible for the April date also mentioned the chance of a London-based launch, which would coincide with Samsung’s extensive sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics. We’re expecting a limited edition Olympic phone from Samsung too, and with the Games scheduled to start on 27 July, a June event to capture the growing Olympic excitement sounds like a marketing dream.

Samsung is all set for a storming 2012, and we’ll keep watching Twitter (and brushing up on our Korean) for the first official news on the Galaxy S III’s launch.