Samsung to add new features to the Galaxy S3 with its Premium Suite update

Galaxy S3 Premium SuiteSamsung Galaxy S3 owners can look forward to another software update soon, which will bring with it improvements to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, plus the company’s Premium Suite first seen on the Galaxy Note, which itself has been tweaked with features introduced on the Galaxy Note 2.

To give S3 owners a hint at what’s to come, Samsung has released the first of two videos demonstrating the Premium Suite’s features, which you can see below. They’re split into two sections, the first being called “contextual awareness” and the second, “enhanced features.”

Let’s look at contextual awareness first. This will include Page Buddy, where certain actions dictate what the phone does next, for example plugging in a pair of headphones will activate the music player. Contextual Menu let you re-order apps alphabetically, or by usage, while Contextual Tag instantly adds weather, date and location data, plus if it’s a snap of a friend, their name to your pictures.

Moving on to the enhanced features, it’s great to see Samsung include the split screen system from the Galaxy Note 2, where two apps can be run at the same time — a feature only possible on devices with screens as large as the S3’s. You’ll also be given the chance to set your Facebook news feed to show on the lock screen, plus the chance to share photos and videos using NFC and the S-Beam feature too. Finally, a Reader mode has been added to the Web browser, which focuses on the text by zooming in on that section.

That’s all we’ve been shown in part one of the Premium Suite video, so there’s still more to come in the near future. Samsung hasn’t said when Premium Suite will arrive, but it will be bundled in its Android 4.1.2 OS update, which has reportedly already started to seed in parts of Europe. Seeing as U.S. networks have only just got to grips with the Galaxy S3’s first Jelly Bean update, there’s little chance of this one being approved on AT&T and others just yet.