Samsung’s flexible smartphone leaks, and it’s very odd indeed

samsungs flexible smartphone leaked samsung phone

Is this the flexible Samsung phone we’ve been hearing a lot about recently? The image you see above has been leaked through the @evleaks Twitter account, and it’s both baffling and unconvincing, yet strangely plausible. There’s no name to go along with it, but previous leaks have suggested it’ll be called the Galaxy Round. Weird name, weird phone. That is, if it’s true.

To achieve this odd shape, the phone is going to be the first to use Samsung’s flexible screen technology, which will produce the curve we can clearly see on the device in the mockup picture. However, instead of the more usual top-to-bottom curve, Samsung has gone for a side-to-side curve. The strange shape makes the phone in the photo look rather fake, like a manipulated image of another Galaxy phone. Is it? We won’t know until it’s officially revealed.

Why would Samsung choose to go side to side? Well, both Samsung and LG say a gentle curve to a screen means there’s less distortion and loss of detail, plus those in front of the screen will get view its sweet spot where the image is at its clearest. That’s in addition to the scratch resistance and extra strength provided by the flexible screen, and the fact the display will be lifted above the surface when laid face down on a table.

However, what about the ergonomics? All the above is true for most curved phones, but a top-to-bottom curve matches the contours of a face, so the microphone is naturally closer to our mouths. Samsung’s design makes it the same as a normal, flat phone. There must be some benefit, and we’re sure Samsung will tell us all about it at launch.

Going back to the picture, the phone is shown running a Korean version of the Android OS, with a connection to the SKT network. This refers to SK Telecom, one of the major mobile carriers in South Korea, which fits in with rumors the phone will only be available there at launch. SK Telecom also runs one of the only LTE-Advanced data networks in the world, so there’s a good chance the curvy phone will be able to connect to it.

How long do we have to wait until the phone is officially announced? Speculation puts the launch event has happening before the end of October.