Skyfire 2.0 Lights Up Android with Flash

Hot on the heels of Apple CEO Steve Jobs dissing Adobe Flash, Skyfire has released version 2 of its Skyfire Web browser for Android devices…and guess what? It (sort of) includes support for Adobe Flash content. In addition to nuking broken links in Facebook streams and putting Twitter front and center, Skyfire 2.0 sports a new “SkyBar” toolbar at the bottom of the screen that can bring Flash video to Android devices by converting it to H.264 format on a server behind the scenes, then pushing that video long to the Android device.

Yeah, we know: the same trick would work on the iPhone and iPad too.

skyfire 2 0 lights up android with flash screenshots

“Skyfire 2.0 was built for the way people use social media and the web today. People are now starting their Web experience by scanning their Facebook and Twitter news feeds,” said Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck, in a statement. “Our new browser allows you to open those links and view the videos that your friends have shared. To make that work, people need a browser that can handle the full internet.”

Skyfire is built on the WebKit framework, which is ironically the same technology powering Apple’s iPhone version of Safari and Android’s built-in Web browser—but that foundation brings things like pinch-to-zoom and touch-based scrolling. However, Skyfire enables users to have up to 8 browser tabs open at once, and in addition to offering a way to translate Flash video, the SkyBar’s “Explore” icon lets users pull up video, social networking buzz, photos, and other images based on what’s on the current Web page, and a “Share” icon enables users to easy push an article or video to their friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or old-school email.

Skyfire 2 is available for direct download or from the Android market.