Sometimes, less is more: Bump 3.0 trims the feature fat

bumpdateBump has some veteran app status. It’s been around since 2009, and has been thrilling users with its so-easy-it’s –stupid sharing tool. When it all got started, Bump was solely a way to transfer contact information between iOS devices. But as all apps do, it grew and launched Android integration, and upped its feature inventory: recent versions of Bump added the ability to share photos, schedules, music, and other apps.

But Bump has decided to take the road less traveled and slim down exactly what you can share – and we love them for it. “When we launched Bump 1.0 three years ago, it was the typical ‘minimum viable product’ – it only did one thing (let you bump your contact info) and it was very rough around the edges…” creator and CEO Dave Lieb wrote in a blog post. “When it came time to build Bump 2.0, we wanted to satisfy all our users by building many of the features they had requested over the months.”


“With Bump 3.0, we’ve taken a different approach and focused on simple connections.” Lieb says the team assessed what users are and aren’t using and narrowed bumpable items down to contact information and photos. The items removed include calendar, music, and apps (which was only available to iOS). “We believe that the result is an app that is simpler, faster, and more useful for everyone.”

In addition to clearing out the clutter, Bump has much improved its navigation. You can swipe between different things to bump instead of being crowded into one page, for an altogether faster experience.

Bump says this also brings its friend discovery feature to the surface. When you use Bump with someone, the app will automatically reveal all of your mutual friends.

Honestly, contacts and photos were the only items most of us used on Bump. It’s refreshing to see an app clean house instead of add new features until it’s bursting at the seams with tools you never use, and possibly moving further from its original purpose.