Sprint may get the Galaxy Note: Is LTE turning things around?

sprint-ad-with-samsung-galaxy-noteSprint subscribers, you’ve been enduring a rather lackluster phone selection for a while now, but it looks like things are turning around. Earlier this evening, the folks at TechnoBuffalo noticed (and we have confirmed) that a phone that looks an awful lot like the Galaxy Note is on the main page of Sprint.com. While this may be a simple error or another phone entirely, it could also mean that Sprint may get its own variation of the Galaxy Note in the months ahead. The Note is currently an AT&T exclusive, but given the choice, we’ve decided to be hopeful.

This is the third hot phone we’ve heard about in the last week. Last Wednesday, Sprint unveiled the HTC EVO 4G LTE — which is a variant of HTC’s One X phone we demoed at Mobile World Congress in February — and talk of the Galaxy Nexus coming to Sprint soon has also heated up. This is all a pretty big change for a carrier that seemed to be struggling to keep up with major devices last year. Though it got the Galaxy S II (review), Sprint’s only other major phone release in late 2011 was the Motorola Photon (review). This is discounting the iPhone 4S, of course. That was certainly a huge draw for Sprint. 

It could be that Sprint overspent on the iPhone and is only now able to afford more exclusive devices, but its upcoming LTE network may be opening some doors as well. All three of the devices we’ve discussed are LTE-capable. Before, it was relegated to devices supporting both CDMA 3G and WiMax 4G. Since no other wireless carriers use this combination of antenna technology, it may have been a lot of extra effort to support Sprint. While a carrier like Verizon can get away with having odd requirements, Sprint’s third place market share hasn’t helped its situation. 

No matter the reason, or how we think the Galaxy Note is too large, we do hope this is true. If so, Sprint’s future just got one phone brighter.