Swearport Android app helps make you an international potty mouth


With the holidays behind us and Santa unlikely to check his Naughty or Nice list well into the upcoming New Year, now is the perfect time to unleash that suppressed vulgarity you may have built up inside you over the holidays with some choice phrases and expletives.

Of course, if you’re feeling particularly offensive, swearing in your native tongue generally isn’t all that impressive. But with the help of the Android Marketplace’s latest app Swearport  you’ll be spouting off curses in languages you didn’t even know existed.

Swearport-Amharic-ListNot content with simply giving you a swear word in one of over 50 languages, Swearport also provides you with high quality audio recordings of each bad word from a native speaker as well as detailed information about its pronunciation, meaning, what its English equivalent would be, and finally, intensity rating out of five. You know, for those that truly want to delve into the art of international swearing – which is probably a good thing because it’s certainly important to know what you’re saying before you say it.

We can definitely see many a black eye stemming from Swearport more than all of the other apps on the Android Marketplace, which is why we recommend trying this app with friends, loved ones, or from the safety of an automobile speeding in the other direction of your potential verbal victim. And don’t blame us if you receive a lump of coal under the tree or in your stocking next year.

[Warning NSFW, the video below contains offensive words in many different languages . It is an app to help you swear after all.]