T-Mobile Galaxy Tab preorder on Amazon for $699

samsung galaxy tab hits sprint in november for 400 frontThis is unsubsidized, so it may be worth the wait to see what deals are in store when the Galaxy Tab is released on November 10th.  For those who simply can’t wait, you can always get Magenta’s standard mobile broadband plan. The lower tier, at $25 a month, gives you 200MB of data with 10-cent-per-megabyte overage fees. The “unlimited” plan, which really is limited to a 5GB speed on data transfer is $40 a month.

So what’s the advantage to buying a Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile over a Verizon Galaxy Tab at $599? And for that matter, how will it compete on price with the fiercest of them all — the iPad (of which the least expensive is $200 less than the T-Mobile Galaxy tab, weighing in at $499)?

The Galaxy Tab has a number of advantages that make it an appealing option over Apple’s iPad. It’s running Android, which for many users is a good enough reason. As the user, you’re not constrained by Apple’s walled garden when choosing apps. If the app exists, just by the mere fact someone put the time and energy into developing it, it only needs to pass your approval.

Secondly, a smaller screen may be more desirable. The Galaxy Tab’s screen is 7-inches as compared to the iPad’s 10-inches. Small means more portable and lighter. And with a higher pixel density than the iPad, it should be much easier on the eyes for readers.

Finally, the Galaxy Tab is capable of some of the basics that Apple has yet to release on the iPad. First and foremost is multi-tasking, or switching between apps without having to quit one at a time. The Galaxy Tab also comes with two cameras, one in front and one in back, a feature only recently released in Apple’s iPhone 4 and still unavailable on the iPad.