Tag Heuer unveils $3,700 Racer smartphone

tag heuer unveils 3700 racer smartphoneIf you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone and have a spare $3,700 languishing in your back pocket, then we may have just the device for you. Or more accurately, luxury watch maker Tag Heuer may have just the device for you.

Called the Racer, the phone’s design was apparently inspired by GT racing cars and F1. In its advertisement, the Swiss watch maker describes the Android-powered device as “the first luxury phone crafted for high performance.” 

tag heuer unveils 3700 racer smartphoneThe company’s web page and promotional video for the new phone is fairly vague when it comes to the Racer’s specs though one assumes it’ll all be top-end bits and bobs under the hood.

We know a little more about its build though, which combines shockproof rubber with titanium and carbon fiber bridges for support and strength.

It’s not Tag Heuer’s first foray into the world of smartphones. Last year it came out with the $6,750 Link handset, and in 2008 it unveiled the first of its Meridiist mobiles.

tag heuer unveils 3700 racer smartphoneWhile watches are its mainstay, Tag Heuer evidently wants to be a part of the smartphone scene too, though the high cost of its devices will of course ensure its devices remain at the luxury end of the market.

Should you have the cash to splash, you’ll be able to get your mitts on the Racer from July when TAG Heuer boutiques, high-end mobile stores and various watch and jewelry retailers begin selling it.