The HTC Wildfire S is dead, long live the HTC Desire C

the htc wildfire s is dead long live desire c frontFor the last couple of years, HTC has been using the Wildfire name for its entry-level Android smartphone, with the current device being named the Wildfire S. A popular handset, it serves as an ideal introduction to smartphone ownership, but just as it has reached its first birthday, HTC has replaced it, but not with another Wildfire.

HTC has decided to replace the Wildfire name with Desire, one previously reserved for more powerful phones, and has announced the Desire C.

The Desire C has been the subject of several leaks, primarily under its HTC Golf codename, already this year; but it’s always good to have the features officially confirmed.

Despite the new name, the Desire C retains a similar design to the outgoing Wildfire S, but offers several bumps in specification.

Replacing the old 3.2-inch screen and Android Gingerbread is a 3.5-inch, 320 x 480 pixel touchscreen displaying Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, plus HTC Sense 4.0; so the general user experience will be on par with HTC’s new One V, One S and One X phones.

Don’t expect the hardware to keep up though, as although the press release doesn’t confirm it, the leaks all pointed to a 600Mhz processor powering the Desire C. says it’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 inside, and it’ll be accompanied by 512MB of RAM.

HTC have popped an NFC chip inside the phone, and given it the Beats Audio treatment too, neither of which appeared on the Wildfire. The phone also comes with a complimentary 25GB Dropbox account.

The Wildfire S’s 5-megapixel camera makes a reappearance on the Desire C, and the phone will be available in three colors — black, white (which looks oddly silver in the pictures) and red.

Both T-Mobile and Three in the UK have confirmed they’ll be carrying the Desire C, and that it will be released in June. Expect the phone to be free with a two-year contract, or around £170 on Pay-As-You-Go. At the time of writing, no information on a US release has been announced.