Touch Revolution and TAT Partner to Develop Touch-Screen Android Devices

android-desktop-smartphone2Touch Revolution and TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) announced their partnership to accelerate the development of touch-screen user interfaces for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The companies claim that by integrating the TAT Cascades UI framework into Touch Revolution’s NIMble NIM1000 Touch Module, OEMs could easily create products with enhanced Android user interfaces that feature stunning 3D graphics and advanced animations. The companies will be demonstrating and Android-based desktop smartphone for business users at CES this week.

“This Android-based desk phone combines Touch Revolution’s high-quality projective-capacitive Android touch module with TAT’s advanced framework for creating customized user interfaces,” says Charlotta Falvin, CEO of TAT. “The easy-to-use interface takes advantage of gesture recognition and graphical animations to create beautiful and highly functional user experiences and provide a more intuitive feel.”

android-desktop-smartphoneThis new NIMble desktop smartphone harbors a ton of widgets such as a daily schedule synced with the user’s calendar, favorite contacts, news, weather, and traffic information. In addition, there are four always-available tabs for making calls, controlling phone functions, viewing message notifications, and accessing Android applications—and all is displayed on your home screen.