Tumblr rolls out new look for Android with fancy new interface

tumblr for androidTumblr rolled out a substantial update for its Android app Monday, with a post on the company’s blog describing it as a “total facelift”.

“Tumblr for Android just got a total facelift!” the post said. “We’ve completely redesigned the interface, added fancy post animations, made images pop, and a whole lot more.”

Users who download the update will find a totally new interface with a newly styled options page that cascades onto the screen by tapping the menu button at the bottom right of the display.

As mentioned, the new design also makes the images in the stream more prominent in an effort to take the overall user experience up a notch. However, there’s still no GIF support, something which will come as a disappointment to many users. Maybe next time, eh?

There’s no word on an update for iOS yet, but presumably Tumblr will be rolling out some changes for iOS devices in the not-too-distant future. The Tumblr for Android update is available now from the Google Play store.

Last month the New York-based startup announced it had hit the 100-million-blog milestone – doubling its count in the space of just 12 months – with a colossal 80 million posts going online every single day. There’s even evidence to suggest that the site is becoming more popular than Facebook among teenage Web users.

The site recently teamed up with non-profit art organization Rhizome to create the Rhizome Tumblr Internet Art Grant designed to support emerging artists by offering three commissioning awards “with a special focus on projects from artists engaged with Tumblr.”

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