TV ad shows Steve Jobs impersonator extolling virtues of Android tablet

tv ad shows steve jobs impersonator extolling virtues of android tablet action padIt’s said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in the case of a Taiwanese TV ad featuring the late Steve Jobs—complete with angel wings and a halo—extolling the virtues of an Android tablet, other words and expressions may also come to mind.

The ad, which at no point mentions Steve Jobs by name, shows famous Taiwanese impersonator Ah-Ken dressed up in Jobs’ trademark black top, blue jeans and white sneakers. The actor stands on a stage that bears a startling resemblance to one of Apple’s keynote set-ups that Jobs used to present. The ad even features a close-up of Jobs’ familiar clasped-hand pose.

The English subtitles on the video translate his words. “Introducing the new generation of the pad,” it starts. “It’s amazing.” He proceeds to pull the Android-powered Action Tablet from his back pocket and swipe through a number of apps projected onto a screen behind him, his wings flapping in excitement.

It ends with the impersonator sitting on a chair using the tablet, saying, “Thank God I can finally play another pad.”

The former Apple CEO, who died last October after a long illness, famously described Google’s mobile operating system as “shit” in the book about his life written by Walter Isaacson, and said he wanted to “destroy Android because it’s a stolen product.”

Speaking to Reuters about the 20-second advertisement, Chelsea Chen, a spokesperson for the device’s maker Action Electronics, said, “Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good.” She also said that up to now she’d heard nothing from the Cupertino-based company in response to the ad.

Decide for yourself if you think it’s offensive, funny, or simply a little odd….