UK network O2 wins exclusive Olympic 2012 editions of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y

Samsung Olympic Rear CoversIf you were saddened by the news that the special Olympic edition of the Galaxy S3 wouldn’t be made available to the public, then you may be pleased to know Samsung will still be offering a way for a select few to part with their cash in support of the 2012 Games.

Samsung has partnered with UK network O2, and will offer exclusive editions of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Y, both of which will come with an Olympic-themed replacement rear cover.

With every purchase, a £1 donation will also be made to support future Team GB Olympic athletes, plus between now and May 24, new owners will be given the chance to win a Team GB Experience, which consists of three pairs of Olympic tickets.

Samsung Galaxy Note OlympicOver the weekend, a series of photos were posted on the forum, showing the Galaxy Note with its special packaging and one of the two available rear covers.

It’s noted that the glossy cover, complete with Team GB branding, does a better job at protecting the camera lens from scratches than the stock one too.

At £499 ($789) on Pay As You Go, the Galaxy Note may well be outside of many Olympic fans’ budgets, so Samsung will also be offering the Galaxy Y with the same free rear cover and competition offer, all at a far more reasonable £79 (125).

It’s pot luck as to which cover will be hidden inside your Galaxy Y or Galaxy Note’s box, and Samsung make a point of saying they won’t swap one for another, so don’t even bother asking.

Unusually for this type of brand cash-in, there’s no mention of custom wallpapers or ringtones, but the official picture (seen above) does hint such things may be pre-installed anyway.

So, a pleasant enough collectible, but hardly the most exciting use of Samsung’s Olympic license.