Verizon Will Not Carry Google’s Nexus One

After months of hyping a partnership with Verizon, the Nexus One smartphone – designed by Google as a rival to the iPhone – will not make it over to the carrier after all. No explanation was given, but it is a setback for Google’s plans of expanding into the smartphone market.verizon will not carry googles nexus one

The Android-powered smartphone has been on sale through Google’s website only, since it was announced in January. T-Mobile and AT&T both offer service, and Sprint will offer service soon.

Although there has not been any official reason given from Google, the Wall Street Journal is quoting a Verizon spokesperson as saying “Verizon had never made a comment or statement about the product coming to our network. In the beginning, Google made the statement about the product coming to the Verizon Wireless network, and we never made comment around it.”

The Nexus One is expected to debut through European carrier Vodafone, in the UK on April 30th, with releases in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain to follow.