Video: Galaxy Note may be too big for humans, but it’s just right for elephants

video galaxy note may be too big for humans but its just right elephants elephant with 1If Samsung ever finds sales of its Galaxy Note device drying up, it could always go for the elephant market. According to a video posted on YouTube this week, the big-eared creatures find the device fun to use as well as extremely intuitive — certainly a big plus when you’re feeling your way around a tech product for the first time.

The ad-like video is the work of UK-based social video agency The Viral Factory and is clocking up views fast on YouTube. It was shot in Thailand and features an elephant by the not-typically-Thai name of Peter.

The 70-second video shows Peter appearing to have a whale of a time with Samsung’s device as he performs a number of deft swipes and makes various selections using the touchscreen.

video galaxy note may be too big for humans but its just right elephants elephant with 2At one point he strums a few notes using a guitar app and even uses the S-pen to draw…well…something. Judging by the way he’s flapping his ears in the video, he really thinks a lot of the Samsung phablet and its large 5.3-inch screen. The video closes with the line “Bigger is better,” which is true — if you’re an elephant. Imagine the trouble they’d have with an iPhone.

“Elephants have finger-like lobes of muscle on the end of their trunks, filled with sensitive nerve endings,” a report on the Android Community website explained. “This enables them to make delicate movements that are astonishing for something so big.”

It’s not entirely clear if the video was commissioned by the Korean tech giant, but what is clear is that elephants certainly know how to use the Galaxy Note.