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The best lightning cables for your iPhone or iPad

Your Lightning cable is your iOS device lifeline, used to charge and transfer data to your Apple mobile device. To keep your tech running reliably, you need a high-quality, eight-pin cable that won’t crack or splinter. Light and flexible as they are, it’s always helpful to tote around a spare cable or two. You never know when you’ll need to charge your devices while you’re on the go.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Best Overall Lightning Cable

If you’re looking for a top quality lightning cable charger that does the job quickly and efficiently, and without the bells and whistles, then look no further than the classic lightning cable from Apple. With its strengthened construction, this cable can withstand up to 12-times the weight of original device cables. It may be durable, but it’s also simply and sleekly designed to match mobile device designs. The surface protects against scratches and scrapes, preserving the cable’s timeless look. MFi certified for compatibility with Lightning devices, and compatible with USB-A, you can be confident that this cable is safe to operate with your precious iPhone or iPad to transfer movies, music, or photos.

Ankoda Lightning Cable

Best Value Lightning Cable

This Apple MFi certified Lightning cable from Ankoda is constructed with durable nylon braided fibre cloth for protection, strength, and flexibility, and has been tested to bend 95 degrees at least 7,000 times. High-quality copper wires ensure maximum signal quality and strength while additional protection of the Lightning and USB parts enhances durability to reduce fraying.

RAVIAD iPhone Lightning Cable

Best Long and Durable Lightning Cable

This is a really great affordable Lightning cable that’s fast when it comes to charging and data transfer, certified by Apple, and best of all, it’s really durable. The cable is reinforced with nylon, and RAVIAD has strengthened the stress points at the ends to ensure it lasts. RAVIAD boasts it can charge up to 20% faster than other brands, thanks to its built-in smart chip, and is built to withstand over 12,000 bends in its lifespan. It also comes in a classic black style, and this pack features 3 cables, all measuring at 2m long. The end of the Lightning connector is slightly wider than the basic Apple cable, though, so it might not fit every case. Otherwise, this is probably the best durable and long lightning cable.

Ofuca Lightning Cable

Best colour options for Lightning cables

The Ofuca charger cable is not only an excellent value option (you get 3 different cables in a pack), but it has the best colour options out there, for a very reasonable price. In each pack you receive a classic black, bright red and electric blue cable. This is a seriously tough Lightning cable with special SR joints that promise over 40,000 times bending after rigorous testing. The stylish and sturdy two-shade braided armour nylon also gives stronger protection and flexible performance. One thing we really like about the cable is that the USB connector is angled at 90 degrees, so it can fit in tight spaces. It’s rugged, a good length, and a great pick.

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