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The best gaming chairs

Avoid a numb butt. These gaming chairs let you play for hours in comfort

From those with excellent ergonomic designs to durable cover materials, there are a lot of great gaming chairs on the market. Before you decide on exactly which one to get, be sure you know how comfortable the chair is and the lumbar support it provides. Our team of seasoned experts has gone through all the options, and with our top picks, you are one step away from choosing your best gaming chair.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best Overall

You’ll love the GTRACING Gaming Chair as it offers support to your arms with its 3D Armrests that you can adjust by lowering or raising them, depending on your desired level. It also has a strong metal frame designed to promote proper sitting posture. You can also give your spine maximum relaxation with its 90 to 170-degree tilt range. The exciting part is this chair’s built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you enjoy your game’s sound effects or your rockstar playlist while you knock off your opponent. These speakers are placed at the chair’s back to give you a delightful listening experience.

Why we love it:

  • Wireless speakers are placed near the ears, which spice up your gaming experience
  • The adjustable armrests and generous recline capabilities go side-by-side for support from the back to the arms
  • Durable and can be locked at any tilt position

Something to consider:

The leatherette cover might produce a strong whiff similar to an industrial fume in factories, but it will fade over time.

Furmax Office Chair

Best Value

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty yet affordable gaming chair, Furmax has developed a gaming chair that’s good for long hours of use. You can adjust its pneumatic seat height to match your height. It also has strong casters that prevent floor scratches while adapting to the chair’s swiveling motions without making a cranky noise. Added to its exquisite design is a breathability feature that allows a truly comfortable sitting experience. Its leather and mesh have a unique cutting that enables the air to pass through it. Moreover, this chair allows for a reclined experience that’s enough for a relaxing back-and-forth motion like a rocking chair.

Why we love it:

  • The mesh design enhances breathability, thus, providing a comfortable sitting position
  • The high-quality leather used is wear-resisting and easy to clean
  • The casters work seamlessly with the chair’s 360-degree swivel motion

Something to consider:

The reclining feature doesn’t provide a fully straight back resting position, but it should still be enough to help you maintain a proper sitting posture.

OFM Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

Most Stylish

Match your adventurous personality with this racing-style gaming chair made remarkable by premium, bonded leather upholstery to give you a comfortable experience even after long hours of gaming. Its headrest, arms, and seat come with contoured paddings, making this chair a great combination of form and function. The modern design also comes with an ergonomic system, and you can adjust its height with ease thanks to its center-tilt control and up to 360 degrees of rotation. Lastly, the flip-up arms lets you take them out of the way when not needed, giving you more space.

Why we love it:

  • Sleek, stylish, and comfortable to sit on for long hours of intense gaming
  • Comprehensive comfort features covered by excellent material and design
  • Back reclines easily to achieve your desired position

Something to consider:

With such a build, putting this chair together might take a little more than one person to do.

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Most Durable

The AKRacing gaming chair stands as one of the most durable of its kind. AKRacing focused on developing the lumbar support as one of the most important aspects of a chair. The back support is carefully sculpted to follow a posture-correcting curvature. It’s padded with cold-cured foam, offering top-tier support and comfort. This gaming chair can support up to 330 pounds of weight with its Class 4 hydraulic lifter and heavy-duty, all-steel frame. This chair went the extra mile and enhanced other support features, such as the 180-degree back recline, adjustable headrest, lumbar support pillows, and 3D armrests.

Why we love it:

  • Heavy-duty hand-welded steel frame braved 11 quality control tests, ensuring durability
  • Curved in a way that contours to the shape of the user’s lower back
  • The 3D armrests are made of patented special foam mix, providing support to the arms and wrist

Something to consider:

The bulging side foams on the seat base have metals inside, which might make your thighs feel uncomfortable. However, these aid in making the chair a lot more durable.

Corsair WW T1 Gaming Chair

Most Comfortable

Play as hard as you work when you have an ultra-comfy chair, such as this one from Corsair that’s perfect for gaming, work, relaxation, and sleeping. With its solid steel frame combined with plush cushioning and smooth leather upholstery, you can enjoy high-level sitting comfort at all times. It also comes with durable wheels to give you ample stability and movement.

Why we love it:

  • Smooth-gliding wheels give off effortless movement on any surface
  • Reclines up to 180 degrees for maximum comfort at any position
  • The neck and lumbar pillows are wrapped in microfiber for a smooth, cozy feeling

Something to consider:

This chair uses gas lifts to adjust its height, which might leak over time.

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