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Best Wireless Chargers

When you have wireless phones and laptops and earbuds, why not go for a wireless charger too? If you aren’t familiar with how a wireless charger works, you may find the concept of free-flying electrons both absurd and terrifying. In reality, however, wireless chargers work with modulated and directional wavelengths to deposit packets of charge to your devices. So in case, you’re questioning their health hazard, there’s nothing to worry about! Now, moving ahead, which wireless charger should you buy? Are there any red flags to watch out for? And how do you know if you’re picking the right one in a market full of products? Full disclosure, it can be pretty challenging to nab just the right charger when you’re free-styling your purchase. If you want to avoid traps, here’s all you need to know about buying the best wireless chargers and a list of product recommendations!

Buying Guide

When you look into wireless chargers, you’ll see a list of features ranging from frequency to model version and whatnot. If you continue comparing each feature, the chances are that you’ll end up confusing yourself too much to make a confident purchase. Here, we’ve narrowed down the critical considerations to three essentials, and checking them out in any purchase will guarantee success!

    • Wattage: The power at which a wireless charger operates matters because it affects how fast your device will charge and the number of devices that can charge simultaneously. There are two distinct categories to look into; the QuickCharge and Power Delivery. QuickCharge is an older wattage type and works at a maximum figure of 36 Watts. Power Delivery, on the other hand, hand Qualcomm 2.0 and 3.0 technologies and can go up to 100 Watts power in most circumstances.
    • Profile: Profile is the charging method for powering your device. There are quite a few charger profiles, and none of them are universal, which means you need to know which profile your device works with. There is EPP, Fast Charge 2.0, MagSafe, Qi, and so forth. That being said, you may find some chargers claiming universal application, but those will most likely fail to provide quality service. 
    • Display: Wireless chargers are not only liberating but also more interactive than traditional ones. Wireless chargers come with touch and button displays, including date, time, connected device, charge level, Bluetooth services, and so forth. Some also have a blinking LED light to indicate charging.
  • Design: Wireless chargers also have different designs. Some come in a circular pad design where you simply place the phone on the pad to charge it though some phone covers may be a hindrance to this. Others come with a stand for you to place your phone on. If you have multiple devices that need charging, get a design that allows for that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do different lights mean on my wireless charger?

Wireless chargers blink various lights to signal different circumstances. Usually, these are similar across all wireless chargers, so here’s a little breakdown of what may be going on with your charger at any given moment. When you first get a wireless charger, it may blink blue or red, or perhaps both. This is a signal for connectivity, i.e., the charger isn’t connected to any device, so it’s signaling you to pair something up. If it’s blinking yellow, the charger is in Abort mode, indicating you need to shut down the device due to any functional flaw. A green blinking indicates the charging is normally underway. The charger may also blink red or any other color when you plug it into a socket for recharging. 

Does wireless charging affect the battery life?

Wireless charging only affects battery life if your charger is low-quality. Heat dissipation is a big problem plaguing many substandard wireless chargers. However, if you get a quality charger with appropriate heat dissipation, you’ll find that your battery life remains unharmed. In fact, the opposite of harm happens. Good quality wireless chargers allow phones to retain battery and prolong battery life compared to wired versions. If you feel like your battery life is deteriorating due to the charger, you may place the charger at a place with more airflow and get the phone checked for repairs. 

Yootech Wireless Charger

Best Overall

Compatible with the latest devices 

These Yootech Wireless Chargers have four charging modes. A wireless charging mode, a 10 W mode for Samsung devices, a 7.5 W mode for Apple, and a 5 W charging mode for standard device reception, each serving its best performance. 

The Yootech Wireless Charger protects your devices while offering a top-notch powering-up. The device can penetrate through most cellphone cases to keep your device protected. The charger may be damaged by magnets, grip stands, credit cards, and metal cases, so make sure you keep these items away from it. 


  • The charging base has a fitting base for the wireless AirPod case
  • Comes in a range of colors that would suit both light and dark interiors


  • Old devices may not charge since they may not be compatible with the model

Anker 313 Wireless Charger Pad

Runner Up

Safest charging experience

This Anker 313 Wireless Charger is one of the best and safest chargers due to its simplicity and all-rounded accessibility. The charger works on 5, 7.5, 10, and wireless charging modes for Androids, Apples, and other standard smart devices.

The Anker 313 Charger is a radiation-shielding device that keeps harm at a distance from you and your environment. The charger has sensors that detect foreign objects and interventions, so you don’t end up damaging its functionality. It can also penetrate through the case for efficient and secure performance and has a slim, anti-slip design, so it can fit in small spaces. 


  • You don’t need to remove the device’s case to charge
  • Device temperature remains under control, and you get notified about anomalies


  • It isn’t compatible with MagSafe and AC adapters, so it may not work with some latest smartphone versions in both iOS and Android ranges

TOZO W1 Wireless Charger

Best Design 

 Super slim aviation aluminum

If you’re big on design, the TOZO W1 serves the best along with a powerful performance. The pad has numerical control technology on the pad to ensure fast and reliable charging with 5, 7.5, and 10 W charging modes. 

This TOZO W1 Charger is made of high-precision CNC processed aluminum with a shiny lacquer that ensures maximum heat dissipation over long charges. It also has an automated timer to avoid overcharging and overheating your device and the charger itself. The device can also maintain a 98% battery efficiency, so you don’t lose out on power between charges. 


  • Has an 8mm inductive distance limit which is higher than the market average
  • Only 5mm thick, so it is perfect for travel


  • Isn’t compatible with AC charging

Waitee Wireless 3-in-1 Charger

Fastest Charge

All-purpose charging station

The Waitee Wireless 3-in-1 charging station is perfect for multiple charges on a single wireless station. The device can charge iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, AirPods, iWatch, and some other smart devices on various wattages. 

The Waitee Wireless Charger features a stand, a base, and an iWatch holder that you can place on your nightstand for quick organization. It is compatible with vertical and horizontal placements, so you can use your device for video calls, gaming, streaming, and work matters as they charge. It also comes with overcurrent and overheating protection to ensure all your devices remain safe.


  • Keeps all your devices assembled in one place 
  • The design hides all wires from your sight with its backside wire spacing


  • Only compatible with the Type A interface

Apple MagSafe Charger

Best for iOS

Snap-on charging

The Apple MagSafe Charger works with AirPods and iPhones, so it’s the best option if you don’t use any other OS. The MagSafe magnet snaps onto the back of the device for lightweight and portable charging. 

This Apple MagSafe charger works with a 20W USB-C adapter to provide a charging capacity of as much as 15 Watts. The device is also relatively easy to use and has only a one-step snap-on mechanism across all Apple phones and AirPods. Since its smaller than most wireless chargers, it’s also excellent for traveling.  


  • Has a minimal look for all sorts of interiors 
  • Can magnetically align on iPhone 12 and 13, and their variations for a quicker and more effective charging


  • MagSafe charger doesn’t work with discontinued iPhone models
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