See how the Mac Pro is made in this video

Among a slew of other new-and-improved products unveiled at it’s press event today, Apple also took time to show off the latest generation of Mac Pro desktop computers.

These powerful new desktops are a far cry from their bulky, squarish predecessors. Despite the fact that they’re packing more powerful hardware, Apple somehow managed to fit them into a tiny little unibody enclosure. Apparently, doing this required them to develop entirely new manufacturing processes.

But that’s not entirely true. While it may be a new to Apple, the process shown in the video above is known as impact extrusion, and has been in use in the manufacturing industry for quite a while. It works something like this: a metal disk is first placed into a die, then a punch that’s shaped like the negative space of the final object slams downward with incredible force, causing the material to fill the space of the die.

This first step is what gives the Mac Pro it’s unique shape. Everything you see afterward is just machine milling and buffing to make it look pretty.

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